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U01 Funding Opportunity: ICBP Collaborative Research

The funding opportunity "Collaborative Research in Integrative Cancer Biology (U01)" encourages new research into integrative cancer biology by fostering collaborations between investigators currently supported through the Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP) and those currently unaffiliated with the ICBP. These collaborative projects should leverage the existing expertise and resources from within the ICBP research community and combine those with new approaches, technologies or methods to address compelling cancer questions. Therefore, in order to be responsive to this FOA, the proposed research projects must involve partnerships between investigators currently supported by ICBP and investigators currently unaffiliated with the program. Applications that focus on projects which do not involve integrative cancer biology research, expand individual ICBP investigators' research by adding additional expertise, resources, or approaches, or without affiliation to existing ICBP personnel will be considered non-responsive to this FOA.

For additional information, please contact:
Jennifer Couch, Ph.D.

Official Announcement to PAR-13-184: "Collaborative Research in Integrative Cancer Biology (U01)"

2013 Eligible Investigators for FOA: Collaborations with the ICBP
Name E-mail
Columbia University - Center for the Multiscale Analysis of Genomic and Cellular Networks (MAGNet)
Andrea Califano, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Cory Abate-Shen
Dimitris Anastassiou
Harmen Bussemaker
Aris Floratos
Richard Friedman
Gail Kaiser
Richard Mann
Dana Pe’er
Itshack Pe’er
Raul Rabadan
Michael Shen
Dennis Vitkup
Christopher Wiggins
Georgetown University "Georgetown Lombardi Center for Cancer Systems Biology"
Robert Clarke, Ph.D., D.Sc., Principal Investigator
William Baumann
Milton Brown
Yuriy Gusev
Erica Golemis
Leena Hilakivi-Clarke
Michael Johnson
Subha Madhavan
Mary Beth Martin
Habtom Ressom
Rebecca Riggins
Ayesha Shajahan
Ilya Serebriiskii
John Tyson
Yue (Joseph) Wang
Louis Weiner
Jianhua Xuan
Sage Bionetworks Center for Cancer Systems Biology
Stephen Friend, M.D., Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Justin Guinney
In Sock Jang
Mike Kellen
Adam Margolin
Olga Nikolova
Larsson Omberg
Broad Institute Integrative Cancer Biology Program
Todd Golub, M.D., Principal Investigator
Jesse Boehm
Clary Clish
Levi Garraway
William (Bill) Hahn
Jill Mesirov
Aviv Regev
David Root
Aravind Subramanian
Pablo Tamayo
Oregon Health & Science University "Model-based predictions of responses to RTK Pathway therapies"
Joe Gray, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Mina Bissell
Laura Heiser
Michael Korn
Gordon Mills
Mark Moasser
Sach Mukherjee
Prahlad Ram
Paul Spellman
Claire Tomlin tomlin@EECS.berkeley.EDU
GRI (GeneSys Research Institute) / Tufts Center of Cancer Systems Biology
Lynn Hlatky, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Afshin Beheshti
Christine Briggs
Sylvain Costes  
Philip Hahnfeldt
Rainer K. Sachs
Kathleen Wilkie    
The University of Texas Health Science Center "Center for Integrative Cancer Biology"
Tim Huang, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Kun Huang
Sum Kim
Lang Li
Shili Lin
Yunlong Liu
Raghu Machiraju
Kenneth Nephew
Jianhua Ruan
Changyu Shen
Qianben Wang
Pearlly Yan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tumor Cell Networks Center
Doug Lauffenburger, Ph.D. Principal Investigator
Michael Yaffe, M.D., Co-Principal Investigator
Ernest Fraenkel,
Frank Gertler
Linda Griffith
Michael Hemann
Richard Hynes
Barbara Imperiali
Leona Samson
Phillip Sharp
Peter Sorger
Bruce Tidor
Forest White
Stanford University "Modeling the Role of Differentiation in Cancer Progression"
Sylvia Plevritis, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Garry Nolan, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator
Ash Alizadeh
David Dill
Dean Felsher
Andrew Gentles
Hanlee Ji
Daphne Koller
Ron Levy
Ravi Majeti
Vanderbilt University Integrative Cancer Biology Center
Vito Quaranta, M.D., Principal Investigator
Alexander R.A. Anderson
David Basanta
Heiko Enderling
Lourdes Estrada
Katarzyna Rejniak
Darren Tyson
Alissa M. Weaver
Glenn F. Webb glenn.f.webb@Vanderbilt.Edu
John P. Wikswo
Jamey D. Young j.d.young@Vanderbilt.Edu
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center - Center for Cancer Systems Biology
Chris Sander, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Gregoire Altan-Bonnet
Christina Leslie
Joao Xavier
Houston Methodist Research Institute - Center for Modeling Cancer Development
Stephen Wong, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Jenny Chang
Vittorio Cristini
Mary Dickinson
Dean Edwards
Guangxu Jin
Melissa Landis
Mike Lewis
Fuhai Li
Yi Li
Jeff Rosen
Ching-hsuan Tung
Zhihui Wang
Thomas Westbrook
Xiaofeng Xia
Ming Zhan
Hong Zhao