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Summer Cancer Research Program for Undergraduates

Summer Cancer Research Program for Undergraduates

Anna Louie (second row, center), a graduate of Brown University, received a fellowship from the NCI - ICBP program to study in the NCI-ICBP funded Center of Timothy Huang, Ph.D. (first row, center). The photo shows the members of Dr. Huang's lab at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio (


Summer Cancer Research Fellowship/Internship Program**
Research Experience for Undergraduates: opportunities for sophomore, junior or senior level students

**This program concluded in 2014.  

Junior InvestigatorsThe Summer Cancer Research Fellowship/Internship program provided a unique opportunity for current sophomore, junior or senior undergraduate students to engage in innovative integrative biology approaches to cancer research through the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP). The ICBP, composed of multi-disciplinary Centers across the United States, focuses on the analysis of cancer using systems biology approaches. Investigators within each ICBP Center integrate experimental biology research with mathematical and computational modeling to gain new insights into the biology and management of cancer.

Selected student participants were paired with a faculty-mentor from a participating ICBP Center based on the student’s indicated research interests. Through mentored research projects, faculty lectures, seminars, discussions and other activities, the student gained both an understanding and appreciation of major questions currently under investigation and the novel research approaches being used within the ICBP Centers.

Travel, Stipend and Housing

Participants received a travel allowance up to $600 (total) for travel to the paired ICBP Center at the beginning of the program and return travel home at the end of the program. Participants received a stipend of $3,300 for the nine week summer program. Housing accommodations, up to $100 per night, were arranged by each ICBP Center's staff in conjunction with the NCI staff.

Application to the ICBP Summer Cancer Research Fellowship/Internship program was open to students currently enrolled, at the time of application, as a sophomore, junior or senior in an accredited college or university located in the continental United States. An applicant must live in the United States and be a United States citizen or hold a permanent resident visa to be eligible to apply. Priority was given to students who had at least a 3.0 GPA computed over the last three semesters and who had successfully completed relevant course work in the areas of biological, chemical, physical, computational, mathematical or statistical sciences, or engineering. Students were selected on the basis of their academic record, statement of interest, and faculty recommendations. Students from under-represented minority groups and women were encouraged to apply.

Additional Information

2014 was the final year for the ICBP Summer Cancer Research Program for Undergraduates.  Applications to this program are no longer being accepted.