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ICBP Announcements

Columbia University
Columbia University creates a new department of Systems Biology. Andrea Califano, (left), is chair of the new department and principal investigator of a NCI-ICBP grant. Other senior members of the new department include Barry Honig (middle) and Saeed Tavazoie (right). [Read More]
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The Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP): Centers for Cancer Systems Biology focuses on the analysis of cancer as a complex biological system. The ICBP Program is managed by NCI’s Division of Cancer Biology. A cornerstone of the program is the development and implementation of computational models of processes relevant to cancer prevention, diagnostics and therapeutics. The integration of experimental biology with mathematical modeling leads to new insights in cancer biology and innovative approaches to the management of cancer. The program brings clinical and basic cancer researchers together with researchers from mathematics, physics, information technology, imaging sciences, and computer science to work on key questions in cancer biology.